Dental Implants are an excellent alternative for Oral rehabilitation in cases where one or more teeth are missing. Teeth implants are designed to provide a solid foundation to replace missing teeth that will not only feel and look like natural teeth, but will also function like them. With dental implants, you can replace a single tooth or full dentures.

If one or more of your teeth needs to be extracted, it is recommended to have a bone graft at the time of the extraction. This will preserve the bone, minimize bone loss after an extraction and improve the conditions for a future dental implant placement.

There are different methods of placing implants, the most common being the 2 stage surgery.

The root of the tooth is the part replaced by an implant, which is usually made of Titanium. Placing the dental implant inside the bone and underneath the gum is the first step.

The bone bonds with the titanium (Osseointegration), creating a strong foundation for artificial teeth. For this to happen, we typically have to wait anywhere from 3 to 6 months, and having the implant buried, protects it while the healing process takes place.

During the second stage, the implant is exposed to start the restorative process, Impressions are taken and a custom abutment is made, that will allow you to have crowns, bridges or dentures that fit your unique needs.

The 1 stage surgery is when the implant is not submerged while the bone is healing to the dental implant and sometimes, can be restored immediately.

Implants can be done to replace already missing teeth and in some cases, we will be able to place the dental implant at the same time the tooth is extracted.

A complete examination and evaluation of the patient’s condition will allow us to determine which option will be the most appropriate.