A dental crown is a tooth restoration that goes on top of a tooth or an implant, and it restores normal size, shape and function.

There are different reasons why a crown is needed. Broken or weak teeth can be protected with a crown. If there is a large cavity or a large worn out or defective filling, a crown will improve the long term prognosis of the tooth. A dental crown can be used for aesthetic reasons, in order to improve the appearance of the smile.

A dental bridge is used to replace missing teeth and consists basically of 3 or more crowns together, holding the ones that will replace the missing teeth. A dental bridge can be installed on top of natural teeth or implants.

There are many materials that can be used to fabricate dental crowns and bridges.

Metals, like gold, have been used for a very long time but now, with the development of new technology and the use of ceramic/porcelain materials, we can offer beautiful restorations that will easily blend with your existing natural teeth. With full porcelain crowns or bridges, you will be able to avoid showing the dark line around the gum line that usually happens when there is metal underneath the porcelain.

It usually takes 2 appointments to get your dental crowns or bridges installed. On the first appointment, which typically lasts an hour, the dentist cleans and prepares the tooth with an ideal shape and takes an impression to send to the lab. Then a temporary crown is placed while at the lab, and special technicians will work on creating a crown or bridge that will match your natural teeth. On the second appointment the crown is cemented; this procedure is usually completed in less than 30 minutes.